How to Find an Excellent Lawyer 

No matter what legal problem you have, if it involves a lot of money, you might want to rethink the decision of not hiring a lawyer. These kinds of matter should be handled by a skillful and professional lawyer. Because at the end of the day, what lawyers do is more than dispensing legal information. Lawyers apply sophisticated technical skills and offer strategic advice to the legal problems you have. Picture this, if you ever find the right lawyer, he/she will serve as your legal “coach” to help you educate yourself and will be your formal counsel if you need him to be.


The question is, with the number of lawyers around, how would you find the right lawyer for your legal problem? Would it be for real estate, civil trials, wills and trusts and small business? Looking for the right lawyer who is efficient and can help you out with your problem is not an easy task. Believe it or not, you couldn’t find a lawyer just by reading an advertisement of looking in the phone book. These sources don’t provide enough information to help you with your valid judgment.

1. Personal Referrals 

One of the best approaches to find the right lawyer for you is to talk with the people in your community who is experiencing the same problem. For example, if you need real estate advice or assistance on civil trials, you talk to people who had the same experience. Ask them who were their lawyers and what they think of their performance. If you talk to at least a dozen people, there is a big chance that you will receive good leads.

However, you should remember too that someone else’s recommendation shouldn’t be the sole basis of your decision. Take note that people are different and their judgments are different from others. They don’t have the same responses to the lawyer’s personality and style, so don’t make up your mind just yet. Wait for the moment till you meet the lawyer, discuss your problems and decide for yourself if you’d be comfortable working with her or him.

Also, if you need a very specific expertise, it might be also difficult to find a lawyer through personal referrals. You will get several good leads, yes, but you have to make sure that the lawyer a person referred to you can cater your case.

2 .Business Referrals 

You can also take a look of the angle of business referrals. There are businesses that provide services to people in the legal area you’re looking a lawyer for. These businesses might able to help you identify lawyers that you should consider. Take this for example. If you are interested in the law of small businesses, talk to your insurance agent, accountant, real estate broker or banker. These particular people normally meet with lawyers who represent some clients.

3. Lawyer Referral Services 

Another source of information you can look into is lawyer referral services. There are referral services that screen and list attorneys with specific qualification and an amount of previous experiences. There are also other services that list attorneys who are in good standing with the state bar. However, before asking these referral services, carefully ask their qualifications for listing those attorneys and how they are also screened.

The only thing you couldn’t get from these referral services is the lawyer’s philosophy. They wouldn’t put if the lawyer has an aggressive personality or if the lawyer is willing to spend extra hours to be your legal counsel.

4. Look for Specialists

There are good lawyers out there who specialize in very specific areas, because there are also “general practitioners” who might not be able to handle the area of your concern. For example, there are almost 1 million lawyers in America but only 50,000 of them have sufficient experience and training in small business law to be sufficient enough for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Specialists charge a bit more, but the specialized information and knowledge that possess will be valuable. These specialists could be in the field of employment discrimination, wills and trusts or civil trials.

5. Interviewing the Prospect Lawyers

In the moment that you already have good prospects, the next step should be talking to them personally. Outline your needs before meeting so you are able to size them up when you’re already talking and finally make an informed decision.

One particular thing to look at is the lawyer’s personality. No matter how well-recommended or well-experienced a lawyer is, if you don’t feel comfortable with him/her then you will achieve the ideal client-lawyer relationship. Trust your guts, and look for the lawyer who is compatible with you.

Also, take a look at how easy you can communicate these prospect lawyers. Take note of how long will it take them to return your messages. Remember that you shouldn’t lose time trying to communicate with a lawyer who responds days later.

Looking for the right lawyer is a tiring process, but the right lawyers who works well with you is worth the time. Whatever kind of lawyer you need, looking for the one who can represent you well should be your priority.



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When to Hire a Lawyer 

This question will not yield a simple answer because you cannot tell the circumstances where you need to have one. Before you hire a hire, you should evaluate several factors before you can decide that you really need one.


You should hire a lawyer when you feel that you really need one. Hire the best one that you can specializes in the case you are in. Here are a couple of situations where you feel the need of hiring a lawyer.

If you ever feel that you’re not comfortable representing yourself in court and you know you can’t afford to lose the case, then it’s time to find and hire a lawyer. The comfort level will differ from person to person. It will highly depend on how much you know about the law, how well you understand concepts and legal terms, how much effort you can put in educating yourself and how confident you are in expressing yourself. If you are not comfortable with all of these, then you might hire a lawyer.

Another situation where there is a need of a lawyer is when you are going to jail because of a crime charge. These charges include tax fraud, domestic violence and motor offenses. When you are in this situation, hire a lawyer.

If you’re also in the verge of losing great amount of money, find a lawyer. If you are also involved in a case where your opponent has a lawyer, hire a lawyer because it would be a great disadvantage to you if will represent yourself. If there is also a bodily injury involved, you will need to consult a lawyer for insurance.

If you’re in a complicated divorce and there have been disagreements over guard ship of children and division of assets, you will need a legal counsel. You can hire a lawyer to assist you in the legal process.

Also, if you’re planning to prepare a power of attorney, living will, or even a simple will, consulting a lawyer would be the best decision since if you have to be sure of what you’re doing if you want to plan it alone.

Another couple of situations where a lawyer is need are the following: adopting a child, a contract is needed; there are complex business matters and many more.



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Top Different Types of Lawyers 

Many of us don’t think about the different types of attorneys because we don’t often see the necessity of knowing it. But when we need it, the need to know the different types of attorneys will hit us. So it is really necessary to know the variety of attorneys, so we would be able to get in touch with someone like them.


There are a number of lawyers available around the world. Some of them specialize in Environmental Law, Business Law, Family Law, Estate Planning and many more. The following are the top and common type of attorney most of people need.

1. Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate lawyers help individuals, small businesses and families with property-related issues. Both sellers and buyers of commercial and residential real estate should work with a lawyer to draft and review contract, negotiate the terms of agreement, review paperwork like loan agreements and attend closing. These particular attorneys will also assist property owners in terms of appealing property tax assessment and addressing zoning issues. Tenants and landlords should work with law firms specializing in real estate law to handle eviction proceedings, draft and review lease agreement, and resolve tenant-landlord disputes.

2. Civil Trial Attorney

Civil litigation is the result of two parties becoming embroiled in a legal dispute seeking money. Heading to the courtroom for a trial so a jury or a judge can decide about the matter. A trial lawyer is the one who specializes in a civil litigation. This kind of attorney represents his clients during associated proceedings like depositions and pretrial hearings as well as mediation between court personnel and administrative agencies.

Civil litigation deals with a large number of disputes. Some areas are: environmental law, personal injury claims, medical malpractice claims, intellectual property disputes and divorce lawsuits.

A civil litigation attorney’s roles and responsibilities are diverse and challenging. It is a process with the two parties pitted against each other. He is obligated to fight for his client to achieve the result on the client’s behalf. The lawyer is willing to embrace controversy and conflict, assume oppositional positions, and act as a human pit bull defending their client.

3. Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is now becoming common after most of the marriages. So, couples would need to hire divorce lawyers. They work on all possible concerns like termination of a marriage, spousal support, and division of conjugal asset, visitation rights and guard ship of children. In status quo, 50% of marriages in America turned to an end due to divorce. In this manner, a divorce lawyer would be needed. 

4. Insurance Lawyer

An insurance lawyer is a must. There would be a point that an insurance lawyer’s service is needed. An insurance lawyer will help us in the following cases: disability, medical, vehicle and home accidents and injuries. They will recover us from these awful situations.

5. Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer will assess your situations and look for probable options. He also gives professional and expert advice that can be the best for you. If you ever need one, you have to look for a lawyer in this specialty that has an experience.



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Considerations When Hiring an Attorney 

You have been looking for attorney to serve as your legal counsel and you have found several good prospects. However, before hiring an attorney from that list of prospects, you have to take into account some considerations. There are initial questions that you can ask your prospect lawyers before you commit to a consultation.


Consider if the lawyer is willing to provide a free consultation on your initial interview. Consider the number of years the lawyer has been in practice. You should also consider if the lawyer’s cases are similar to yours because that kind of lawyer is more knowledgeable and more efficient, and it will definitely save you a lot of money.

You can also ask the lawyer for references, like the previous clients he worked with. This will definitely help you to know the lawyer’s past work and if he was a good one or not. You should also ask if the lawyer represent any interest groups like senior citizen groups or nursing homes.

One of the most important things to know too is the lawyer’s fee arrangement. Ask how much the attorney require and if these fees are negotiable.

Why do you need to interview the lawyer? You would be sharing your life details with the lawyer and you will rely in this person’s advice and expertise. The lawyer will be acting on your behalf, so being comfortable with him is very critical. An interview will help you make a clear judgment of the lawyer you are going to hire.

Consider if the lawyer would be doing everything on a case, and if not would be working with associate? It is important to know if the lawyer would be doing the case preparation, research, negotiation and other, because if there would be associates, the fee arrangement might change. 

To successfully interview the lawyer, bring a summary of your case including facts and dates and a list of questions for him. The purpose is to decide whether the lawyer is capable in holding your case, to decide if you’re okay with the fee arrangement and of course to find out if you can comfortably with him.


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